Saturday, November 29, 2008

Have to wonder what they were thinking...

Apparently a Wal-Mart worker got trampled to death by shoppers on Black Friday this year. Nobody stopped or bothered to move around the guy when he fell. Apparently none of them bothered to help him either.

That rather disgusts me.

I am, however, happy to know they are treating it as a homicide case. There's no excuse for that. That guy, knowing where he worked, had no choice but to be there that day (sick or not). Couldn't have avoided the crowds by staying home (though people really shouldn't have to avoid being trampled just by going out shopping... if they want to be trampled they can go to Pamplona for the runnig of the bulls). And people were too greedy and busy to get their bargain shopping done, they didn't even stop to avoid hurting or killing somebody.

I am so disappointed in my fellow man.... No, it's beyond disappointed. I'm outraged. That people turn into that big of MORONS for a day of shopping... and it really is all greed, folks. That's not what this season is supposed to be about.

I hope those idiots are damn proud of themselves. I really do.

*shakes her head*

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