Friday, September 27, 2013

Moving forward

I'm blue, da boo dee da boo da...

Anubis is finally starting to make real improvement. He lost weight for a while after we lost Simba, wasn't eating his regular food (though for the first few days he had been eating like a horse). We bought a different food to see if we could coax him to eat, and now he's eating like crazy (he won't eat it from his normal bowl, but that's okay, we have other bowls). He is, quite thankfully, looking like a cat again and less like skin and bones.

He has stopped wandering the house crying and looking for her all the time. He has taken to occasionally sitting in what were formerly her spots, so he seems to be acknowledging that she isn't coming back now. He still stops to sniff now and then, but I don't expect him to forget her completely.

Biggest deal of all... he was actually purring the other night, for a reason other than begging for treats. That's a big change.

We're still giving him a few drops of the Bach Rescue Remedy with his wet food in the evenings, as it seems to have helped a great deal in helping him pull out of his depression and move forward. We want to make sure he's really over the mountain before we take that away.

But overall we seem to be moving past the kitty blues and getting to the healing stage. We were honestly terrified he was going to let himself go for a while there. But if a bit of a change was all he needed, we can do that. I don't know why he decided to shun his other food. Maybe it's a reminder that it's the food, and the bowl, he used to share with her. I know us bipedal-types get those sorts of hangups sometimes too. But at least we've got him eating like normal again.