Friday, July 26, 2013

Day in the life of a behavior nerd

Just a quick amusing thought I had this evening, inspired by something that happened this morning.

In your typical household, finding cat pee on the carpet generally causes an upset reaction, sometimes confusion if this is not a common occurrence... frequently anger.

This house contains two behavior nerds. So the morning conversation went about like this:

Other half: "Hon, were you just in here washing your hands and spill water or something?"

Me: (heading to bathroom) "No, why?"

OH: (pointing) "That's why."

Me: (bends down and sniffs) "Yep, it's pee. I haven't seen Simba leave the living room all morning. Doesn't smell like hers."

OH: "So it was probably Anubis."

Me: "He's never done that before..."

OH: "Nope."


Me: "Are the litter boxes clean?"

OH: (goes to check) "Nope." (grabs the scoop)

The cat still had to wait for his treats since we weren't sure just how recently he'd peed in there, and we don't want to go reinforcing that behavior by accident, but he has since used his now-clean litter box and all is well in the house again.