Friday, March 31, 2006

I need ideas of simple things I can do with coconut milk.

Other than just drink it. I prefer my coconuts cruncy, not liquid. :P

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Had a whole big spiel but I have work to do and don't feel like typing anyway. So I'll do the short version.

Went uptown at lunch, grabbed something at Pita Pit, and headed toward Pangaea/the Athens Book Center (they're in the same building, for those who don't know). On the way found a store I'd never seen before called Bali Karma, who brings in imported stuff. Small shop, nice little place though. Went to the tea shop, found that they are, in fact, selling their teas now, and got some of their jasmine for the sake of a loose leaf version. Tried to get some work done, got one more paragraph, and ended up talking the whole time.

Good company at that place. And intelligent conversation - though occasionally silly. There was a tangent about tamarins (as in the primate) swimming around in lemonade after somebody mentioned the lemonade his friend was drinking tasted like it had tamarinds in it (not that I know what those are). There was also a random psychological discussion.

Saw Zak and Barbara on the way back toward class, though I'm not sure they actually knew who I was depite stopping to chat with me a minute or two. Didn't think about the fact that they've only seen me maybe 3 times until we'd already gone off in different directions.

Very nice day today. I came back to find the thermostat up so I just turned it off and flung open the windows.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I bought a thermos from Starbucks when I was with my parents. Nice thing, got it on clearance, so presumably they are no longer using this design. But it's 100% spill proof when the drinking hole latch is shut (trust me, I've tried purposely to spill it and didn't succeed - just to test it before I tossed it in my bookbag). And I discovered another awesome, but slightly dangerous thing about the design today. It doesn't lose heat. AT ALL. I'm dead serious. Tempted to leave some of that tea in there overnight to see if it cools down at all. But I pulled it out this morning in the middle of my first class, and the sides felt cold. Not cool, not lukewarm, COLD. So I figured it must be cool enough I can drink it. Wrong. I burnt my mouth. So I was cursing myself for that, but at the same time thinking how cool that was. I had to remove both the lid and the stopper to let it cool down, and didn't bother to drink another drop till the class ended. By the end, it was cooled enough to be safe, so I put both caps back on. This was at 10am.

Fast forward to 1. I expect it to have cooled down at least a bit by then. Nope. It's still hot.

Then to the middle of my final class. Still hot. Steaming in fact.

And it's still steaming hot now.

I've had thermal mugs and thermoses before, but never one that worked THIS well. It's definitely worth the money I paid for it. But I do need to remember now that liquids need to be cooled to drinkable temp BEFORE they go in the thermos. Because that was painful.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I've come to find that a cup of tea can bring a bit of brightness to the dullest of days. I'll try most kinda once, though I must admit I'm not much a fan of fruit teas, nor have I found many black teas I like served hot. I have an affinity for some herbal teas, and most greens. The current favorite is jasmine green tea, which I've only just tried.

I thought for a while I was losing my taste for tea, until I realized something today. I love drinking tea while at my parents' house. I tend to drink it less while in my apartment. I finally figured out that it is not me, and it isn't the tea. It's the water.

My parents have a reverse osmosis purifier attached to the kitchen sink, which I use to make tea as well as for normal drinking water. The water here, however, is chemically treated, and has a high chlorine content. Some of the flavor can be improved with boiling, but not all. It looks like I'll need to be keeping a gallon or two of spring water around just for the sake of my tea.

The jasmine is still good despite the water though.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

It's storming outside. 55 degrees. And there are birds singing.

Perfect weather for relaxing indoors or on a covered porch, if you ask me. Especially since it's supposed to get about 70.

Not even going to turn on music or tv unless it stops raining today, I think. The rain is a much nicer sound.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Good omens?

Well, it looks like the current predicted weather for exam week is reasonably warm for this time of year. Hopefully it'll stay that way. Warm weather for exams would be nice, as I tend to have a lot more energy from about 60-75 degrees.