Thursday, March 30, 2006

Had a whole big spiel but I have work to do and don't feel like typing anyway. So I'll do the short version.

Went uptown at lunch, grabbed something at Pita Pit, and headed toward Pangaea/the Athens Book Center (they're in the same building, for those who don't know). On the way found a store I'd never seen before called Bali Karma, who brings in imported stuff. Small shop, nice little place though. Went to the tea shop, found that they are, in fact, selling their teas now, and got some of their jasmine for the sake of a loose leaf version. Tried to get some work done, got one more paragraph, and ended up talking the whole time.

Good company at that place. And intelligent conversation - though occasionally silly. There was a tangent about tamarins (as in the primate) swimming around in lemonade after somebody mentioned the lemonade his friend was drinking tasted like it had tamarinds in it (not that I know what those are). There was also a random psychological discussion.

Saw Zak and Barbara on the way back toward class, though I'm not sure they actually knew who I was depite stopping to chat with me a minute or two. Didn't think about the fact that they've only seen me maybe 3 times until we'd already gone off in different directions.

Very nice day today. I came back to find the thermostat up so I just turned it off and flung open the windows.

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