Thursday, May 01, 2014

RIP Jellybean

You life was too short, baby.

In spite of all attempts at treatment, it seems the URI won. All the cats had it this winter, it was a bad one. The cats and kittens were all on antibiotics, had ointment for their eyes, and had started to regain their appetites for a little while, but then they took a turn for the worse again.

None of the kittens made it.

The life of a barn kitty is rough. Worse still when they're born in winter when the weather has been horrible on pretty much every critter out there (and the barn where they lived was even heated, so they didn't get the worst of it, but it still had an effect). Had we taken her sooner, though, she wouldn't have been ready to leave mama cat yet.

Mama cat was a lot less chipper today than I've seen her every other time we've visited. She was totally devoted to those babies. Now she's lost them.