Thursday, December 25, 2008


Well, Christmas is over. My DSL is all activated. James and I tried to figure out how to transfer my old emails to the new address... no luck. I'll have to do it the hard way - copy and paste archive. Earthlink's mailbox is apparently a pain to export from. We tried like 5 different methods and all failed.

Somewhat tired, but fairly content I'd say. I think James and I both needed the time together - life's been a bit weird lately and just having the chance to spend a couple days with him was nice. And I will admit, I rather like the feeling of coming home from work knowing he'll be there.

Spent this morning at my parents' place, fairly uneventful. But we now have some photos of the two of us, courtesy of my mother. We never actually had any before... and really no good recent ones of us separate either, so I'll have somethng to carry around now. I haven't actually seen the photos yet - mom's going to burn a CD.

He was going to wait and leave tomorrow, but given that the weather is supposed to get potentially nasty again by then, and there'll be more traffic from people heading home, he went ahead and left late this afternoon. I would have liked to have another night, but he has things to do, and keeping him in one piece is kind of on my priority list. Better for him to leave when we know the weather's clear than leave it to chance.

My cat is pouting now that he's left. Okay, so I am a bit too, but I think the cat is even more than I am. lol Hopefully we'll have more chances for quality time soon. Too many "have-to's" lately. But I do find that funny... the cat is sulking now. Yet much of the time he was here, she was snubbing him because he took her spot on the couch. And, of course, how dare anyone come into this house and take my attention away from the one thing worth paying attention to in the household. She is the Royal Fuzzball, and she demands your continuous worship. I mean, how dare he not pet her every second of his visit!

Anyway, the gifting and whatnot went nicely this year. Dad seemed to like the game I got him quite well - Sega Bass Fishing for Wii. The controls take a bit of getting used to, but it's pretty fun. Gave mom a gift card for lack of knowing what else to give her. Tea for my sister. James and I had agreed not to spend on each other this year (though I did get stocking stuffers because mom doesn't like having someone sit around with nothing to open - those were just a bunch of little things though). They gave him a set of photo frames, since I had told mom ahead of time that we wanted some photos taken. I have a new sweater, a nice new desk chair (hooray for having one that isn't like, ten years old and beat up - this one's nice and leather). Also got the full series of MASH - collector's edition - movie included. Which I will have to watch because I've never seen the movie. And, from my aunt and uncle, a nice oversized microplush throw.

And still the cat sulks.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rain, rain, go away...

At least for one more day... Don't want icy roads today. :\

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

You know you're animal lovers when... and your boyfriend both buy presents for each other's cat for the holidays.

And I've been taunting him all week with the fact that I got him the dorkiest stocking stuffers ever. And he knows he can't ask what they are because I won't tell him until he opens them. *snickers*

Why yes, I believe there is a little evil in me now and then.

Meanwhile, the dsl modem is on its way in the mail. Finally, finally I will have real internet. I'll tell you, going from a ridiculously fast connection in college, only to move back to your home "town" (because it's more field than town) and be stuck with no option but dialup, is just a big kick in the pants. Especially when you're an artist and used to browsing very image-heavy sites, along with uploading the occasional large-format file of your own work.

Having that take seconds rather than minutes or hours (yes, sometimes hours) will be a wonderful change. Hey, updating my programs won't take nearly as long! Especially when that new version of GIMP comes out with more bug fixes (and occasionally more bugs). I usually have to wait about 8 hours for that thing to download. And my dialup times out after 12 hours. Oh yeah. It's awesome.

No, as a matter of fact, I don't have Photoshop yet. One of these days I need to hunt down a used copy of PS7 (because I'm fond of the older program, since I learned on it and know all the controls), but for now I don't do enough digital art to really muck with it. Though that is changing now that I have a tablet... because GIMP rather likes to crash when I try to use my tablet. I don't know why it hates me so.

Anyway, enough rambling for one night. I think I'll go collapse on the couch with a nice cup of tea and relax for the evening.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Merry Christmas to me!

Well, not only is James planning to come up for the holidays (all forces of nature and travel and whatnot willing), but I came home to a message in my answering machine tonight from the phone company. The DSL switch went live today. It only allows a limited number of connections for now since the techs have just been sort of installing on their own time, so it's not your standard fullblown yay let's connect the whole neighborhood kind of thing yet, but since dad and I have been pestering them about it for months, we have the first two slots provided we sign up soon enough. So dad's calling them tomorrow to get the details for me.

This will mean I can actually get my second computer and work from home this winter. This will also mean my internet will not suck anymore. Which is a very, very good thing. I'm so sick of dialup. It'll be nice to actually click on a website and have it, you know, load again. I miss that. lol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

back among the living... sort of

Well, I had to format the hard drive and start over. *sighs* For those who know about my OCD, you know this is stressing me out more than a bit (granted there are other things stressing me out lately, but if you know anything about OCD you'll know that only makes the symptoms worse). Because it takes a while to reinstall everything as a general rule anyway. On dialup it's like pulling teeth. So it's gonna be a while before things feel quite back to normal on my computer.

But Firefox has been updated with some shiny new add-ons that, while a bit annoying, will be much less annoying in the long run than having nasty little keyloggers install themselves on my computer, run even in safe mode, and disable everything that can kill them.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


So, I'm logging on from a library computer just to give a heads-up to folks that I won't be online for an unknown period of time. Apparently a realy nasty keylogger known as ISpyNow has installed itself on my machine, I assume somehow loaded itself through a script in an ad somewhere (once I fix this there will be some new plugins installed of Firefox to kill any and all scripts *grumbles*). But basically, it lets my computer be remotely viewed and controlled. Kicker - apparently, from what James has looked up, the thing is sold commercially. Anyway, it has disabled my spyware scanners and effectively blocked me from downloading new ones by blocking the websites of all the scanners I know of. It has caused my task manager to stop functioning properly (I can no longer view the "running processes" tab), my virus scanner can't access its update database, and I can't even find the files I'm supposed to be finding to delete.

So unless my last trick works (my uncle said something about running my hard drive as a slave drivfe to a non-infected computer to let it boot and run the scanners - I'm gonna see if he'll help me with that), I will have to back up all my files and completely format my hard drive, just start over. :\ Which means until I get everything sorted and saved and rebooted, I cannot be online because I don't want some jerk to read everything I'm doing on my machine.

So, I don't know how long it'll be before I can actually start posting again. I just don't have an extra machine to use as a backup until I get this all sorted. *sighs* Anyway, wish me luck....