Saturday, December 06, 2008


So, I'm logging on from a library computer just to give a heads-up to folks that I won't be online for an unknown period of time. Apparently a realy nasty keylogger known as ISpyNow has installed itself on my machine, I assume somehow loaded itself through a script in an ad somewhere (once I fix this there will be some new plugins installed of Firefox to kill any and all scripts *grumbles*). But basically, it lets my computer be remotely viewed and controlled. Kicker - apparently, from what James has looked up, the thing is sold commercially. Anyway, it has disabled my spyware scanners and effectively blocked me from downloading new ones by blocking the websites of all the scanners I know of. It has caused my task manager to stop functioning properly (I can no longer view the "running processes" tab), my virus scanner can't access its update database, and I can't even find the files I'm supposed to be finding to delete.

So unless my last trick works (my uncle said something about running my hard drive as a slave drivfe to a non-infected computer to let it boot and run the scanners - I'm gonna see if he'll help me with that), I will have to back up all my files and completely format my hard drive, just start over. :\ Which means until I get everything sorted and saved and rebooted, I cannot be online because I don't want some jerk to read everything I'm doing on my machine.

So, I don't know how long it'll be before I can actually start posting again. I just don't have an extra machine to use as a backup until I get this all sorted. *sighs* Anyway, wish me luck....

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