Saturday, March 25, 2006

I've come to find that a cup of tea can bring a bit of brightness to the dullest of days. I'll try most kinda once, though I must admit I'm not much a fan of fruit teas, nor have I found many black teas I like served hot. I have an affinity for some herbal teas, and most greens. The current favorite is jasmine green tea, which I've only just tried.

I thought for a while I was losing my taste for tea, until I realized something today. I love drinking tea while at my parents' house. I tend to drink it less while in my apartment. I finally figured out that it is not me, and it isn't the tea. It's the water.

My parents have a reverse osmosis purifier attached to the kitchen sink, which I use to make tea as well as for normal drinking water. The water here, however, is chemically treated, and has a high chlorine content. Some of the flavor can be improved with boiling, but not all. It looks like I'll need to be keeping a gallon or two of spring water around just for the sake of my tea.

The jasmine is still good despite the water though.

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