Friday, November 07, 2008

I feel so loved

So, I came home early yesterday with a fever of 102.6 (yes, it is down somewhat today but not gone - yes, I will be going back to rest some more here soon).

I call my parents to let them know since that's rather high and I wanted somebody to be aware (well, somebody closer - James had been informed I was going home sick so called to check in on me already). They said to keep an eye on it, but not to worry because I always got high fevers growing up, and often hit fevers of 104 as a child. At which point I mentioned that that's a little scary since they say that a prolonged fever of 103 or higher can cause brain damage.

So how do my parents respond? With words of concern making sure I get my fever down ASAP? Telling me to lie down and drink lots of fluids and stay cool? Oh no. Dad immediately responds with:

"Oh, so *that's* what's wrong with you."

Gee thanks, Dad. I love you too. lol

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