Sunday, December 31, 2006

Well, the holidays have come and (almost) gone.... I head back to work on Tuesday. The week off was rather nice, I'll admit, though it never seems long enough.

Didn't get near as much done as I thought I would over the week, but such is life. I at least got some laundry done and my tree taken down. Only got to the humane society over the weekends like normal - there's a new pup there by the way. 7 month old mixed breed they're calling Sox - a brindle with short flopped ears and white socks on her feet. I've found she answers to Josie. Absolutely sweet animal, though she seems a little skittish. We walked near the cats' outdoor pen, and when one of the cats came up to the fence to investigate, the dog got a bit jumpy. Nobody there knows what her past is because the dog warden brought her in. But I was almost tempted to bring her home myself.

We went shopping earlier i the week and I dropped about $200. >.< I suppose it makes up for me not having bought my allotment of one dvd per paycheck for the past like, 4 months. And I got a new winter coat on sale - marked down from $140 to only about $50. And some new stuff for my phone - a headset so when people call me and I'm, say, cooking dinner, I still have both hands to talk. There were other things too but nothing major.

And I think my dog allergy may be disappearing. The last couple trips to the humane society I forgot my alavert, but I had no reaction to the dogs. The other day I had my uncle's dog in the house for a little while (to see how the cat would react to another animal before I go and get a dog - she's not too skittish but seems a little jealous) - again, no reaction. Supposedly allergies can come and go like that though, and mine was very mild to begin with (merely annoying rather than dangerous - my nose clogs up and my eyes itch but I can still breathe through my mouth just fine). So it's possible I had an allergy last for a whopping 5 years. Go figure.

Not much else to report. My life's really kinda boring these days....


  1. You people and your winter coats. My "winter coat" is the same one I've used for several years now - my suede jacket.

    I must be weird, because I usually end up wearing it open so I don't get too hot. :P

  2. Yeah well you don't have a bmi of like negative 2. :P You also seem to generate heat rather than lose it.... considering I ALWAYS have to turn my heat down when you're around. lol