Saturday, December 16, 2006


Yay, I got myself fully upgraded, templates and all, to the new blogger. More yay, it actually saves my links now instead of erasing them just because I changed my friggin color scheme.

Yay, if you click this link then buy stuff there it will give me money: Link!

And I might be heading into Delaware today - going to check out the drive, see if it's reasonable for semi-regular trips to the humane society. It's not actually in town in town, so not overly far. Like 20 miles or so I think my little shelter directory said. There's a couple that are closer, but I've been to the Delware one once before, and I already emailed the lady in charge of the volunteering program, who said it's perfectly okay if I just wander in whenever the heck I have time. Yeah, I'm gonna go try to help out. Mostly hoping to do more of the playing with and excercising the dogs thing - largely because I do have something of an ulterior motive for going.

See, I've decided that a cat in the house just isn't enough. I am a lot pickier with dogs than I am with cats, but I really want a dog. Yes, an indoor dog. Yes, I know I'm allergic. Want to know how serious I am? I'll get allergy shots if I find out it's a more sensible solution than buying alavert constantly (alavert is so far the only thing that doesn't make me drowsy in the way of allergy meds - if I knew what the heck that upper respiratory tea had in it that Howie and Karen gave me, I'd buy a ton of that too since it's cheaper - though I wan't a fan of the taste). Yes, I still have a phobia of needles. But I will face them to have a dog.

So I'm going to try and get to know every dog who comes into the humane society as I'm hanging around there, and hopefully will find one I want to take home. I also intend to put in an application with the ISSR Shiloh Shepherd rescue and rehome facility, so I might be adopting one of those if I can't find another dog before they match me up with one of theirs (I am making sure to put on my app that I MUST meet the dog before making a decision - all the pictures and descriptions in the world can't tell me as much as 5 minutes with the animal in person). If you've never seen a shiloh shepherd, well, basically they're like a german shepherd, only humongous. Like, great dane sized. Oh yeah. Big doggies. Big, and supposedly very smart. Considering I adore wolves, big and smart works for me. Temperament's supposed to be pretty sound too, though being big and smart I will have to make sure they know I'm boss.

Which really isn't that hard. I don't need a dog to obey my every whim, just know that my house has rules. So what if I weigh 110 and the dog 140? Doesn't matter. I babysat a doberman for a while.... a doberman on the large end. One of my cousins had one once that seemed insanely small by comparison. No, this was a friggin pony who thought she was a lapdog. This dog scared the crap out of the roofers asking if he could back down the driveway - giant dog, tiny twig girl holding it back. It was pretty funny. But she was big and smart, and stubborn. But she did as she was told.

My childhood dog was a lot smaller (half beagle, half who-knows-what), but also the smartest dog I've ever met. Smarter than most humans I know........ granted that doesn't necessarily take much, but you know what I mean. Great dog. Stubborn as hell. Wouldn't listen to you unless she saw good reason to. Tricks? Pfft. Her favorite was "run to the creek and play deaf". Fetch? More like "I grab the ball, you chase me and try to get it back." But she listened where it counted - she knew she wasn't allowed in the road. Only allowed indoors when invited. Don't jump all over people. She had a heart as big as her brain. Saved a turtle once. I thought she was playing with it. She wouldn't listen to me when I told her to drop it (normally that was a command she obeyed). Brought the thing all the way to me, set it down, and stared until I picked it up. There was a chip in its shell - it had been hit by a lawn mower. She was also protective - she figured out my mom didn't like snakes, so anytime mom was in the yard, the dog would go around killing any snake she found. She also really didn't like the utility guys.... not since one walked toward mom with a big tool in his hand and she assumed he was after her. She definitely had a streak of mischeif and a mind of her own, but she loved our family and was most certainly part of it. I want that experience again, though I know no dog will ever match up to my Jodi.

But basically speaking, big dogs are not a problem for me, really, as long as they're not overtly aggressive (and maybe even those I'd be fine with - I've never had a dog aggressive toward me to know). And I far prefer smart dogs. I just can't stand the dumb ones. No matter how sweet and loveable they are. I'll pet them, I'll play with them, but I don't want to take one home with me. Give me somebody who's got brains, knows how to use 'em, and isn't afraid to tell me when something's not right.

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