Monday, December 18, 2006

Long night

Well, that was an adventure I didn't need.

Last night, right before I was about to crawl into bed, the CO alarm started shrieking. Took me a minute to figure out what it was because it had never gone off before. First reaction, go check the stove. Apparently I'd left a burner on (I swear I went to turn it off, but I must've not gotten it all the way off because there was just the barest hint of blue flame still there). After that my immediate thought was: "Where's the cat?" Track down the cat, drag her out from under where she was sitting, try to carry her outside by the scruff. We get to the door, she pulls the "nuh-uh that's outside - I'm an inside cat now!" and jumps away. Right. Okay. Run like a thing gone mad to my grandparents' house to borrow their cat carrier (yeah, I need my own - I intend to get one if we get out this week). I run back to the house with the carrier. Stuff the cat inside, who begins yowling. Take her next door.

My grandfather insists on going back to check the house. Understandably, he wants to open up the windows and vent the place out.

Get back to their place and call my parents. Dad said he was going to come up and check the house, and that I could stay with them for the night. Okay. He removes the battery from the alarm and puts it back. Instructs me to turn the furnace back on and shut the windows, then get out. Then he would come back in the morning and see if the alarm had started again - just in case it wasn't the burner.

Got to my parents' house, and mom got me set up in my old room, which is now a guest room. Dad ran back to the house for the cat's litter box, and we got her water and everything before shutting the door and letting her out of the carrier. Once she was out of the box she was perfectly calm. Good to know she adapts well, so if I ever move it won't stress her too badly. I climbed into bed, she stared at me for a bit until I picked her up and put her in it with me. Then she fell right to sleep..... and I'm pretty sure she slept better than I did.

This morning dad ran back over to check the place - the alarm was not ringing, and he checked - the battery was still working. So everything was fine. We dropped off the cat on my way to work.

Needless to say I was rather tired today....

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