Sunday, December 17, 2006


First day at the shelter went well.

Had a little time with 4 dogs.

Stardust - Shep mix. Rather sweet, but bites the leash and tries to play tug-of-war. Needs some patience.

Lucy - Australian cattle dog. Small bundle of energy, still not fully grown. Seems to want to visit with every other living thing she sees. Quick to spot weaknesses in a gate, so watch her. Loves jogging.

Macy - Rottweiler. Absolutely wonderful dog as far as behavior goes. Not good with other dogs - one barked in her face and she started snarling. Granted I can't blame her. However, she does know "come" (just a pat or a soft clap works), "sit" (they've trained sit along with a lifting of the hand), and "down" (sweep you hand along the ground and away from her - found that one out by accident). Scratch her ears and belly and she'll love you forever. Definitely has the rottie strut down, as she was trotting around the pen (they have outside ones you can unleash the dogs in) as though she were on patrol. She and Lucy were my favorites of the day.

Saydee - Shep/lab mix. Nice dog, but very barky and hyper. Doesn't like to listen. She seems to be under the impression she's the boss. I had to help another girl get her back in, because she tried to leash the dog, and the dog was another tugger. She's going to need somebody firm and consistent to work with her.

On that note... is it really that hard for most people to distinguish a play growl from a real one? I guess it just kinda comes naturally to me. The girl wanted help because she was afraid she'd be bitten. I'm actually a little surprise... one thing they missed in the shelter rules was that you should always stay calm around a high-strung dog. Again, something I guess most people don't think about. But I've always had this sort of strange understanding with animals. Well, mammals anyhow. Though reptiles seem to like me too. For some reason a lot of birds just won't warm up to me. Not sure why they seem to be the only family of animals that react that way. Maybe my body language is all wrong for them?

But the drive isn't bad, aside from trying to find the turnoff to the humane society. It's rather tucked back in. I think I'll be ging back - next time in coveralls so it's easier to tear down to a level where my cat won't pick up anything from the shelter.

As for my comments on the dogs - consider it an advertisement. :P Go adopt a dog. I suppose at this point if you're in the Delaware area - anyplace where you'd reasonably drop by there to find a dog - feel free to ask me if I know anything about whichever ones you might be interested in. Can't promise I'll know much, or even anything, but the ones that stand out to me I should be able to give you a rundown on. If it helps them get adopted to a good home, then I'm all for it.

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