Sunday, February 22, 2015

Switched at birth

Simba 2 in her "sleeping bag" (photo courtesy of my mother)

Judging by the information provided by my parents (who still have temporary custody), and by my own observations, I have now determined that it is entirely possible that Simba 2 is not, in fact, a cat. I think perhaps the humane society gave me a ferret in disguise by accident.

She has very specific toys that she hoards. She makes her own sleeping spaces by burrowing into any dark place she can find. She snarfs anything of interest. Pets behind the shoulders will result in chomps. She does the ferret-slink along the floor when she wants to play. Now I am told she does not know that sun spots are for sleeping in, and instead she plays with the shadows created by them.

This theory is further supported by the fact that she thinks my sister is the most awesome person in the universe, presumably because she knows how to play like a ferret.

More on this development as it arises. I think perhaps I must test her for love of shinies (though her namesake was fond of them too).

In the meantime, here is a brief video of this elusive creature who is proving difficult to capture on film:

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