Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Overdue updates

Back to being man of the house.

It seems I've been a little slack in keeping up with kitty posts. I've been a bit busy taking care of Anubis among other things. Simba 2 (also known as "Peanut" or "Munchkin" or "Stop That") is now staying with my parents indefinitely (her "foster parents" as my mom says) due to a need to focus more heavily on her big brother's care. He was starting to play with her a bit, but then he had a nasty hairball that led to some bleeding and loss of appetite, and in the intervening time he stopped having the energy to fight her off. She is too young and rambunctious to understand she can hurt him, and he was getting so fearful that he wouldn't even go to his food bowls, so my folks agreed to give her a place with them until such time as we are able to take her in again. Thankfully she is bonding quite well with my parents (and seems to love my dad).

Anubis has now been diagnosed with hypertension and hyperthyroidism, for which he is on medication. He has had a few bouts with IBS that seem to be calming down, so the vet has us dropping his steroid dosage to see if we can cut him back to only taking those when he is having a flare-up. He is, finally, gaining weight back and starting to act more energetic again, though his special dietary needs mean that he has to have his wet foods available to him at all times. His regular Adequan shots help with his arthritis, but not enough that he can handle a playful kitten, so it looks like the arrangement remains in place until... until. Which hopefully won't be for a good long time.

In the meantime the munchkin has a new favorite toy in her pink string my mom gave to her, which she carries around the house like a security blanket. I am told my dad hid it under a paper bag once, and she ended up searching for hours. Once she found it, the bag was destroyed for its impertinence. She still has a few quirks, a few of which are concerning - I am considering having her taken in for belly x-rays because she is sensitive from the shoulders back, and according to my dad she is still very gassy which seems odd as she is now over 6 months old and has been on the same food for quite some time. Thankfully if she needs pills it shouldn't be difficult to give them to her - she eats just about anything that gets dropped on the floor unless you run to pick it up before she can reach it.

So all in all the furkids are doing alright. I will have to do a bit better at providing updates.

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