Friday, April 28, 2006

I think I've finally found my SCA name. One that is normally masculine, but I managed to find a source (linked from St Gabriel's so one would assume it to be accurate) showing it used as least once as a feminine given name in I believe 1595 - I have it bookmarked. May have the date a tad off but I know it was 1500s.

I had thought of it earlier, and originally expected to have to feminize it. But I can't find the feminized form in the archives, so masculine and documented on a female version it is.

Just need to find time to track down a herald and get that and my device in. But I intend to wait a bit to see how the name sits with me.

Meanwhile, I think maybe I missed my chance. Was invited yesterday to come along for an event this weekend - camping included - and emailed after trying to call a number that was no longer in service (I forgot I didn't have her number until she had disappeared, and had told her I would have to check my to-do list and get back to her if I had time). Then today found what I think was the right number, but have heard no response yet. Something tells me they left this morning and I'm SOL.

Are all my attempts to go camping this year going to be thwarted?

I really could have used the change of scenery. I'm getting bored here.

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