Friday, July 18, 2014

Introducing cats, 2014 edition

Anubis has been getting lonely lately, and since I posted about Jellybean, it's no secret that I have been thinking about bringing home a kitten. So a few weeks ago, I started looked at the local humane society to try and find a kitten. lots of sweeties came and went, but none of them seemed to be my cat. They just didn't have that special something, and sometimes the ones that did were a bit too wild to bring home to Anubis.

But today I found someone. She... looks a lot like Simba actually. I don't know what we're going to call her yet.

Anubis seems to have mixed feelings. When we brought her in and opened the carrier (she comes with all her shots and tested negative for all the nasties so no worries there) they touched noses right away, nobody hissed. Until several minutes later when she had explored the house and decided she wanted to play with that other kitty.

Sound familiar?

Yup. This is pretty much the same situation we dealt with when Anubis first moved in, except now he's on the receiving end as the one who is not sure he wants to play.

Go figure.

There was one other worrying development, though. He started hissing at me. That was a bit concerning, as that indicated to us a much higher level of stress. So we agreed the kitten would not be left alone with him for at least the first 24 hours (I am taking her to visit my folks tonight so she's not left in the house - there's no really good place to shut her away, and closed doors will upset Anubis MORE).

Since then, however, he does seem to be calming down somewhat. he saw us tell her "no" a couple of times as we are trying to teach her where she can and cannot jump (much like Simba, it looks like she responds very well and doesn't push the issue if she finds out you don't want her somewhere - she has yet to try to jump into the bathtub again). So he sees now that we are starting to enforce the same rules on her that we do on him. That will help a lot, I think.

He has also used the litterbox since then. I think this accomplished two things. First, it probably made his tummy feel better (he's been swallowing his hair a lot lately and isn't always so cooperative for brushing sessions so we don't get him brushed out as well as we'd like, since they have to stay short). Second, there is now a big stinky I LIVE HERE sign. He seems to be MUCH calmer now, is letting me pet him again already, and even came up to sit by me on the couch. Of course, the munchkin is also asleep right now, so that may have something to do with it. But the litterbox he used is the one in the room she's sleeping in right now, so I'm pretty sure he knows she's still here.

I have opted to leave that poop right where it is for the time being, since it seems to calm him to know he's got a nice big territory marker.

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