Saturday, April 19, 2014

Kitten update

Just a few more weeks before we will be able to bring the Jellybean home. She's got to have a bit of cleanup done. She has what my mother refers to as "barn kitty eyes" - most barn kittens I've known have had it in one form or another. Usually it seems to clear up once we can get them some flea medicine, but then it may just correlate with getting them away from the standard barn dust and whatnot. It has also been a rough winter, so all the kitties are looking a bit more ragged than usual, even though the barn is heated. Ideally, we will pick her up the same day we're headed to the vet and get all that out of the way before she ever enters the house. As it stands, we have been washing hands and clothing every time we've been to see her, just in case.

Now we get to make sure Anubis is up to date on his shots, get a quarantine room ready, and figure out where we're getting Jellybean's shots and exam done (more than likely she will be taken to the humane society as they do the full testing without charging too much - assuming their vaccination clinic is open again by then).

On the upside, in spite of the eye problems, she does seem interested in playing:

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