Friday, March 07, 2014

Almost-spring updates

The first signs of proper greenery for the year.

Well, it's certainly been a while since I posted anything, so I suppose I'm a bit overdue for some updates.

This winter has been a rough one on everybody, and the furry kids are no exception. Our Anubis has been dealing with a lot of aches and pains this winter, so I got him a nice heated bed to try and help tame them down somewhat.
I think we can call this one a success.
He likes it so much, he spends almost all his time in it anymore. In addition to the heated bed, we also started Adequan treatments earlier this year, which have been a HUGE help. Adequan is a joint supplement that is labeled for use in dogs, and used off-label in cats. It's what Simba was put in after her injury that gave her such a miraculous recovery from her joint problems before other complications took her down. Anubis showed just as miraculous a change even after the first dose. He's through his four week course now, and the vet said he shouldn't need another dose for about 6 months or so. He's playing again, something he hadn't really been doing all winter. He's behaving on his bad-joint days like he was on the good days before. We also started setting his food up on blocks so he doesn't have to crouch down to eat. He definitely seems to like that better than all his bowls being on the ground.

Thanks to one of the Hill's Pet giveaways he also now has a Drinkwell, which he LOVES.
Pardon the offering to the floor gods. About half of his food goes on the carpet.
Of course, now that spring is around the corner, there are other thoughts on my mind. One of which is kittens. We made a promise to ourselves (and to Mr. Fuzzy) that we would start the search for another cat in the spring. He misses having a buddy, and, well, I miss having a purr pillow of my own (Anubis is James's cat, though he is happy for snuggles from me too, it's not the same). We figure a kitten will warm up to him quicker and therefore make it a little less stressful on everybody, since he was the accepting one in the equation before. Hopefully we can find somebody compatible, both with Anubis and with me. It's a big step forward, but one I think I need to take.

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