Friday, August 09, 2013

RIP Simba

I apologize in advance that this post isn't going to be my most coherent. We just lost one of our furbabies.

Simba was almost 15 years old... she hurt herself about a week ago jumping off the couch. She was starting to do better... then... not. I had just picked up some stool softeners from the vet with the instructions that if there was no bowel movement by Monday they would need to see her again...

She wouldn't take the pill. I called to enlist my father's help since he's better at it, and I was worried I was going to hurt her if I tried again. We got the pill down... she swallowed it... but apparently it upset her too much. She started convulsing...

I was afraid something was up when she started getting lethargic a couple of days ago. More so when she stopped purring for me, stopped headbutting me when I put my hand near her. Our other cat, Anubis has been fussing all day... but so often when we see it coming, we throw ourselves into denial. I didn't want to believe I was losing her.

I did at least take her to the bed to cuddle a little bit before all this happened. So she got a little bit of time with me today before...

I'm just having a hard time believing it. It just happened so suddenly... she just stopped breathing... we tried to start it again, got her lungs to fill when dad tried to give her CPR... but it was no use.

She has been with me ever since I moved into this house. She was my snuggle buddy every night. She fussed over me every time I was sick.

And now she's gone.

I can only hope now that Anubis is going to be okay. I don't think I could stand it if we lost both of them right now...

We buried her out by the swing in my parents' yard, since when she lived outside that was her favorite spot, in a box full of some toys and a few of her favorite things. Including the cat grass I bought for her just yesterday to try and cheer her up about being confined for her injury.


  1. *wiping eyes* I will miss her, too. Felt like I knew her. And if it's okay, I will share the link to this post on Monday.

    I suspect Anubis knew. You need each other--sending positive prayers for all of you during this painful time.

    1. Yeah... I'm just glad he's still eating, I take that as a good sign.

    2. And yeah, that's totally fine if you want to share the link.