Saturday, May 15, 2010

One by One

This is probably the most truly "artsy" piece I've ever done, and someday I will need to borrow use of a large format scanner and get a proper image. For now, this photo is the best I have.

This piece takes up most of a room, it's almost as big as I am, which is why the angle is so skewed. I was up on a stepstool just to get the whole thing in frame.

This was my final for my art class in college - we were told to pick a song. Just ONE SONG, listen to it, and draw whatever we see when we play said song. Only other requirement was that it had to be at or above a certain size.

I chose "One by One" by Lebo M. (Look it up and listen to it while you watch.) There's a few versions - the version I was listening to is from the Rhythm of the Pridelands CD. This link works for now:

I consider this my masterpiece. This is by far the best thing I have ever created, and the picture does NOT do it justice. Unfortunately I stored it improperly and the chalks smudged a bit here and there, but I still love it. I need a frame big enough to hold this monster.

The people are silhouettes partly because I can't draw human faces very well, and partly because I thought simple gestural type things would be more effective.

I only wish I had been able to do it on one solid canvas or piece of paper - at the time the only way I was able to meet the size requirements with the resources I had was by taping a ton of other pieces of paper together.

I've been waiting a LONG TIME to upload this one. I finally cleared enough space on my floor to get up and photo it. I WILL BE REUPLOADING once I can find someplace with a scanner big enough to fit a 5ft piece of art in it.

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