Sunday, September 28, 2008

New career?

So... I'm starting to wonder if I shouldn't just forget all else and take my creative pursuits in an odd direction to make money (with this economy it's tempting - the jobs I want either aren't hiring, or it's about impossible to get anything entry level with pay that I can afford - sad when you have to worry if you'll LOSE money by working at a place, just thanks to the gas prices).

I mean, I'm doing well where I am, but it's no secret to them that it's not where I want to be (which I suppose makes it that much more impressive to them that I'm doing this well... but just because I don't want to be there doesn't mean I won't do a good job while I AM there, and from what I'm told that makes me different from a lot of people, go figure). I find that funny actually... I apparently don't interview well because in spite of working on my confidence and social skills, when I'm new in a place (which includes interviews - can't be newer than that, right?) I'm still pretty awkward. But those who actually see through that to keep me tend to find out what an asset I am. My "worst" seems to be better than a lot of people's "average", and maybe even better than their "best" though I have no idea how many others are slacking off to be sure if they're even trying.

Of course I have to pause and make a tangent off my tangent to give a public thank you to Brian (dang, sorry, forgot your last name) of Tattletale Alarm. He's one of the most perceptive people I've ever met, and in an hour was able to tell me all about myself, down to the style of work I probably preferred. I don't believe he made a single mistake. At the time, though, I thought he had made one. At the end of the interview, he told me I'm a businesswoman. I disagreed, but he insisted I just didn't see it yet.

I think I'm starting to see it now.

Strangest interview I've ever had... was more like sitting down and chatting with friends by the end of it. Even if I was nervous as ever. Definitely the first interview I had where a dog was determined to get me hired. Ah well. Shame there wasn't a fit, but I guess that just means my life is leading me elsewhere. Or maybe that it just wasn't time yet. Who knows? Life's funny like that.

Anyway, back to the career change.

I tend to write instrumental music now and then for fun, that turns out well. But usually if I try to add lyrics to something, it ruins everything. I can write poetry, I can write music, but heaven forbid I try to put them together.

Unless they're utterly stupid, parody-ish songs (think stuff along the lines of "driving a truck with my high heels on", the vast majority of Denis Leary's songs - utterly ridiculous, most goodnatured jabs that might get my butt kicked by those with a less forgiving sense of humor). First was the infamous Pennsylvania Song that my parents got to listen to as we were getting lost in Pittsburgh. Invented on the spot based on the conversation, and things that actually happened.

Then there was the Canada Song which is not complete. Not necessarily a parody, but the lyrics are so corny it sounds much better if I pretend it was meant to be a goofy sort of song.

Today it was a love song involving a truck stop. Because on the way home from vacation there's a truck stop/gas station called "Love's", and dad made some comment that "love's truck stop" just made it sound wrong. I decided it sounded more like a bad country song.

I already have the first verse and need more.

Between the dumb songs and the book I'm trying to write, I'll have some material that may make some publishers think I'm out of my gourd here before long. lol No idea how long the book will take, but I WILL be finishing this one, and it's definitely getting pitched to someone.

On a final unrelated note, after a week of being away, my cat is VERY happy I'm home. Her babysitter for the week said she was an absolute pain within a few days of my leaving (thankfully didn't take long to give up her hunger strike), and I had a few stray messes to clean up. *shakes her head* My cat has separation anxiety... and gets jealous of any other animal in the house so I can't get her a buddy to play with. Can't afford kennel fees - no use though since she's not too big on strangers. She likes most of my family, but she's a bit warier than she used to be since whatever happened to her eye way back when, before she was an indoor kitty. So I don't have many options. She ignored the used shirt I left out for her to snuggle with.

Granted this time was worse than others, probably because of the power outages the same week I left. It disrupted our routine beforehand, then I disappeared for a week. She's now sittign here beside me, at least one eye open at all times to make sure I'm still here. Hopefully she won't go bananas when I leave for groceries tomorrow.... cats are easier than dogs to leave behind, I guess, but oy. Sad part is, if the drive weren't so long, I might have been able to take her with me. She actually adapts very well to new locations, as long as she knows where to find her food bowl, her litter box, and the bed. lol But she doesn't like the car.

Oh well...

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