Friday, January 19, 2007

We meet again, my most worthy of adversaries.

Okay, so like, for a while now I've wanted to get my firelite up and running, because it has, yanno, my entire college portfolio on it.

First problem was that my computer didn't recognize that anything had been plugged in at all. Right, okay, look up some stuff ont he website - hey it needs an AC adapter. Cool. Bookmark the product link, make a note to order one later.

Fast forward like a year or so (as in this week). I finally order the adapter. Yay!

Plug in the adapter. My computer dings! I click on the hardware list - IT KNOWS WHAT IT IS! Huzzah! Progress! Go to My Computer to open the files, rather happy....

And it's not there.

Okay, fine. Troubleshoot.

Okay, drivers are fine, everything's fine, Windows goes "uh, yeah I totally can't help you."

Right. Go to smartdisk's site. Whoa! There's actually a user's manual for this thing? How come I didn't get one with my firelite in the first place?

Turns out I really coulda used that manual.

To use a firelite with windows, you have to format it for either windows or both windows and mac, specifically. It will only work automatically with a mac. Basically: to get to my files I must erase my files.

Ummmmmmm no.


Mood gets totally deflated as I keep reading about this process - have to create a partition for the external hard drive, blahblahblah....

So my college portfolio is STILL held hostage by this evil, evil little device.

Touche, monsieur Firelite... Touche.

I don't suppose anybody really close to me has a mac I can borrow some space on for a bit do they? I need to get my files off so I can format the disk so I can put my files back on the disk.

Man does my head hurt.

I haven't had nearly enough coffee for this.

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