Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Well, a couple new things. I'm off to the ocean for vacation tomorrow. No, not Florida. Yes, I know it's November. That's the best time - no crowding. And if there's a southwest wind it will be plenty warm enough.

Meanwhile, I switched to the new blogger thing today. We'll see how this works. If it's faster, than AWESOME. If it doesn't suit me... well... no turning back now. The templates are supposed to be easier to edit now, though, which is a plus if that's really the case.

Also awaiting word from amazon on their referral program.

And somebody needs to like, not be annoying. I wanna know how James managed to attract a freak show when it comes to recruiters.... people asking for information they're not supposed to ask for, varying levels of rudeness.... just, wow. I find it ironic that these are the kinds of people who can apparently get jobs, and the polite people who actually know how to work with others get ignored.

And my cat is telling me it's time to go back to the couch. Since I'm leaving her for a week here soon, I'd better obey. :P

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  1. The templates are insanely easier to edit, and the posting time seems to be faster too.

    I switched an entry or two ago.